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If you are a high achieving greek professional who doesn’t know how to say no, you have come to right place! If you have reached the stage where you need to start caring for yourself, meaning that you realise that it’s high time you put some boundaries, as well as learn how to manage your relationships, then keep reading!

Things have been pretty straight forward for you. Of course you have worked really hard, but nothing cannot be done once you put your mind to it!

You life is always on a fast pace, and you never truly stop, because how could you? Except when you are on holidays and you allow yourself to slow down and imagine how things might be different. But once you are back, you get sucked into your usual routine, meaning you can’t say no to other people’s demands, therefore ending up being so fed up that there is really no energy left to deal with intimate relationships or anything personal for that matter…

Being a nice and perfectionist person seems to have been your middle name for all these years, but now that you have reached this stage of your career, you have found yourself wondering, is that it? Is this how you have imagined your life is going to be like from now on? Work, work, work but no play, no intimacy, no relationships, no control?

That’s where I come in. I want to help you to learn how to put boundaries between your personal and your professional life. I want to help you learn a different way of reacting to other people’s demands, instead of feeling paralysed and dictated by them. I want to help you be able to build true relationships, instead of coming home all alone at nights. Please call 08002 494930 before you find yourself questioning what went wrong again.

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I've moved! I'm still based in Marylebone, but I have made sure to create a private,
relaxed, upscale and cosy setting, as a way of escaping from the manic daily pressure.