Yοung Professionals and Boundaries in the time of COVID-19

How many times have you been told to be “nice”, “polite” even if the other person next to you is completely crossing your lines?

How difficult is it now to still be nice and polite in these times where COVID 19 has completely changed your circumstances, and deep down you wish someone else for once could take care of things, but you know that it ain’t happening?

Anna for example always felt proud for being a “nice girl”. As a kid, she was told that being kind to others is a sign of honour, a virtue. Therefore she grew up expecting to get positive feedback by being nice and pleasing to others (very Greek trait, I know – there is actually some flaw in our cultural assumption that nice is good and more nice is better)! It never occurred to her to put her needs first, because her self worth was mostly dependent on the opinion of others.

Bear in mind that being nice does not come out of goodness or high morals. It comes out of a fear of displeasing others and receiving their disapproval. And now you have additional fear messing up with your life, the fear created because of COVID 19. 


How I can be of help

My goal nowadays is to create a space for you where you could start by initially sharing your true emotions, your fear and anxiety about COVID 19, come up with coping skills and help you control the things that are within your control, and at the same time calm your anxiety about all the things that you are freaking out but you can’t actually control…

Then, once we have managed to do that, my aim is to make you understand that setting boundaries and looking after yourself during these very challenging times is a set of skills that can be learned; we can tackle this by talking about relevant examples and brainstorming together about possible different options, whilst at the same time trying to understand how and when this difficulty of yours was created and how it might not serve you during these times…

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