The one thing you wish you had known sooner!

Hitting a plateau makes no exception, whether you are a man or a woman, or whether you are focusing on your relationship, your business or even your diet!

My content in today’s episode will enable you to appreciate that getting stuck is part of the process. It is something to be anticipated rather than getting frustrated with it; or even worse giving it all up!

Point no. 1: what is a plateau?

A plateau is a phase where you work just as hard as you did at the very beginning of your business, or your relationship, or anything that you have committed yourself but at the same time you don’t see any progress. Once you are not able to observe much progress, you ultimately become frustrated, upset and start questioning about your options.

Point no. 2: decide how you want to deal with it 

There are three different types of reaction – 3 different types of people that react differently to this idea of plateau. There is the first group – the dabblers, and these people are the ones that usually give up as they don’t see any way out. The second group of people are the stressors/achievers and these are the ones that try a million different things, they fight long and hard for it, and ultimately react in exactly the same way whenever they reach their next plateau. Finally there is the group of masters.  The difference with masters is that they anticipate the plateau; therefore they don’t get upset by it, neither discouraged and they certainly don’t quit!

Point no. 3: timing

Once you are aware of this notion of plateau, you know that eventually you are going to hit one! So maybe before you make up your mind how you want to react to it, the best thing for you to do is to acknowledge it and quit trying. Instead take a break! It is equally important to know when to stop, as it is important to know when to give your all.





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