Learn How to Say No

Your weakest point is how to say no.. sometimes you might even find yourself thinking “no, no, no, no” only to end up saying “yes”…

This weakness of yours ends ups taking over every relationship with your family, with your colleagues, or even with people with whom you thought you were initially comfortable saying no… your inability to say no creeps in your mind and pretty much dictates your life.

You might catch yourself thinking things like:

  • “What if I get caught up with other people’s problems to the extend that I no longer have energy to look after myself”?
  • “What if I keep others at a distance because I’m too afraid to face rejection?” 
  • “What if my mood is dictated by other people’s opinion of me?”
  • “What if I tolerate aggressive or rude behaviour because I’m afraid to say that I’ve had enough?”
  • “What If I end up sharing too much personal information even though I don’t want to talk about it as I can’t say no”?

Maybe you might also find yourself:

  • Worrying so much that others will reject you that you end up agreeing with everything they ask from you.
  • Having your life dictated by other people’s opinions that you end up questioning your ability to make decisions on your own, 
  • Unlikely to ask for help as you don’t want to impose or let other people down…

My aim is to give you personalised attention and a private place to work through all of your emotions, fears, stresses as well as incidents that might be troubling you. Basically from here onwards I want to give you an outlet to express your thoughts or emotions that you are afraid to voice elsewhere. Last but not least, my intention is to enable you to explore handling priorities and ultimately relationships in a different, much more intimate and conscious way.

In particular, during the sessions, I will listen to your story while trying to give to you a different interpretation, a new way of looking at things. In between the sessions you may be asked to think about our discussion, the connections which we made together and possibly complete some relevant tasks, which will enable you to start practicing some points already mentioned during the sessions.

Systemic or otherwise called family therapy is an important part of my approach, and research shows that it’s highly effective with individuals as it helps people to reflect on important relationships and find ways forward. However, I’m always open to other ideas, models, inspiration coming from books, movies; whatever it might be useful for each client.

Remember I want to help you with your personal frustration and hurt about the fact that you might have found yourself feeling over tired, burnt out, and lonely. Call me on  08002 494930/07591916146, email me info@evalychrou.com or fill in the form and I will do my best to respond to you within 48 hours.

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