Life is made up of moments and what we do with them. We can make more of those moments, large and small, memorable—more impactful for ourselves and others. We can provide better service, be better colleagues and bosses, better spouses and parent, and can better our selves, simply by making more meaningful moments. The Heath brothers show us how by sharing various stories, useful statistics and even more inspirational and transformative quotes!


This book is on my reading list, or shall I say that it's waiting right next to me every time I go to bed! However Esther Perel is a brilliant therapist, she is very contemporary and has a great understanding of the challenges that people have been facing over the last decades. She is THE expert when it comes to relationships! My suggestion would be to read it because she always finds a way of setting things right and setting clear boundaries.

Megan’s book is beautifully written - it will help the grieving & anyone who wants help with it.

What does it mean to be lonely? How do we live, if we're not intimately engaged with another human being? How do we connect with other people? Does technology draw us closer together or trap us behind screens? A beautiful book which could bring home familiar feelings like loneliness, isolation, distance especially in big cities like New York, London maybe?

This is the book for the most creative spirits out there; in essence it gives you the courage you need to pursue your creative interests by showing you how to deal with your fears, notice ideas and act on them and take the stress out of creation. I have already recommended this one to artistic clients of mine and they loved it!

A beautifully illustrated guided journal with lots of ideas and tasks that will help the readers to identify what is truly important to them as individuals and start embracing the idea of being present and not perfect…

I loved this book! Why? Because it defines success beyond the typical measures of money and power but instead presents a third metric that includes putting boundaries in the form of well being, wisdom, wonder and giving. Her book is filled with not only research but personal examples from her own life, as well as ancient greeks wisdom to support her book.

Another great book on boundaries as it comes from the author's authentic experiences, giving lots of practical advice on how to develop your own ability in setting boundaries. It's practical and easy to read; highly recommend it!

The Gifts Of Imperfection shows you how to embrace your inner flaws to accept who you are, instead of constantly chasing the image of who you’re trying to be, because other people expect you to act in certain ways. Another great book on boundaries filled with great examples and relatable quotes!

Option B shares the stories of people who’ve had to deal with a traumatising event, most notably Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, to help you face adversity, become more resilient and find joy again after life punches you in the face. The reason why I’m suggesting this book is because I hope you get to think that there is always a plan b, especially when it comes to think about setting your own boundaries. People have done it when it comes to grief, boundary setting should be seen as a much easier and tolerable situation one can be in...


Chapter 1 is one of the most important and condense chapters I have read talking about boundaries, mentioning examples such as prioritising work over family’s most important moment - delivery of a baby, etc - “yet what should have been one of my happiest, most serene days of my life, was actually filled with tension. Even as my beautiful new baby lay in my wife’s tired arms, I was on the phone and on emails with work. As I was feeling pressured to go to a client meeting…instinctively I knew what to do, it was clearly a time to be there for my wife and new born child, so when asked whether I’d plan to attend the meeting, I said with all the conviction I could master, yes… to my shame, while my wife lay in the hospital with our hours old baby, I went to the meeting. Afterwards my colleague said ‘the client will respect you for making the decision to be here, but the look on the clients’ face did not of introspect. Instead they mirrored how I felt, what was I doing there?I had said yes simply to please; and in doing so I had hurt my family, my integrity and even the client relationship. As it turned out exactly nothing came of the client meeting… in trying to making everybody happy, I had sacrificed what matters the most… if you don’t prioritise your life, someone else will”… in practice Essentialism shows you an entirely new way of productivity and life, by giving you a systematic discipline to help you be extremely selective about the essential things in your life and then ruthlessly cutting out everything else

It breaks down the science of time so you can stop guessing when to do things and pick the best times to work, eat, sleep, have your coffee and even quit your job. Can you think of anything better that will help you set your boundaries and start living the life that you’ve been dreaming of?

very relevant and appropriate for so many people - yes there is this idea called childhood emotional neglect- regardless how formal and awkward it might sound - which captures what a lot of my clients have gone through, explaining one of the reasons why they end up finding so difficult to set boundaries for themselves; this book is for anyone who finds themselves struggling in adulthood after their parents—for whatever reason, good or bad—failed to provide the emotional support that they needed…

This book is the exact opposite to positive psychology - instead the writer gets that life can become overwhelming and the only way to find our centre around the things that really matter to us is to not give a f*ck about anything else.

Another very useful book on relationships as it helps you understand other people's attachment styles, there is an attachment guide for break ups and it also includes information on how to deal with conflict in a secure way! Last but not least it includes a quiz to identify your own attachment style




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