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Is this how you want to live your life? Have you reached the point where you can no longer tolerate living in a situation where you are too afraid to speak up and ultimately everything else is a priority asides you?

The thing is, we all have obligations. We all have mortgages and bills to pay. Colleagues, friends or family members to be accountable to. Of course there are things that we’re not willing to give up. But do you want to accept those things as excuses, or do you want to live your life under your terms?

Usually your first and automatic thought is how can I say no and start focusing on myself, where I’ve lived most of life like this? My family, my career, my job requires my undivided attention, etc…

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting that you should stop caring for others, or for your work, or specifically for people who might require your support and attention, but it does mean that how you put your priorities and how you put time aside to care for yourself, makes a huge difference to your well being, your health, your quality of life.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to say no and start focusing on the things that matter the most in life, such as your relationships or your wellbeing.

Most of us, often without realising it, allow our default future to unfold right in front of us.

It’s unrealistic, of course, to aspire to a complete personality overhaul, but what we can do together is examine your limiting beliefs, (a few examples are: “I’ve tried so hard to build this career, there is no way I could finish on time, my clients need me” meaning that you end up working 15 hours a day, having no life, no real friends, no health… can you follow my train of thought?

Another great example that I’ve heard so many times is “I don’t like confrontation; if the other person doesn’t say a word, I won’t either, then both of us will assume that everything is ok”; regardless of the fact that you are the one being upset or angry about something that might have happened between the 2 of you…

Mothers on the other hand admit too many times that they are the only ones who could answer emails while preparing dinner, whilst soothing a crying toddler who is teething really badly… How realistic and doable is this?

So ultimately what I would like to invite you to do is to acknowledge this compulsive and automatic concern for what others will think, while ignoring your own needs at the same time…

In simple words, the idea is for you to be able to be more conscious of your decisions, the reasons why you have decided to act a certain way, examine the results you have had so far and then gradually start changing the areas of your life that you are not so happy about. The most effective way to do all of the above is by attending individual sessions.

By doing so, you will be given personalised attention and a private place to work through all of your emotions, fears, stresses as well as incidents that might be troubling you. Basically individual sessions can give you an outlet for thoughts or emotions that you are afraid to voice elsewhere. Last but not least, my aim is to enable you to explore handling priorities and ultimately relationships in a different, much more intimate way.

Psychotherapy sessions take place primarily in person, as well as online once we have managed to establish a therapeutic relationship.

Unfortunately I am not registered with any private insurance provider as I am a strong believer that it’s your responsibly to keep looking until you find the therapist that will inspire you as well as support you to change ultimately one of the most important components of your life; that is taking care of yourself and your needs. At the same time, I prefer having the option to design the length and frequency of the sessions together with my client, instead of being influenced by the insurance companies’ policies.

My aim during the sessions is to hear your story while trying to give to you a different interpretation, a new way of looking at things. In between the sessions you may be asked to think about our discussion, the connections which we made together and possibly complete some relevant tasks, which will enable you to start practicing some points already mentioned during the sessions.

Remember I want to help you with your personal frustration and hurt about the fact that you might have found yourself feeling over tired, burnt out, and lonely.

Call me on 08002 494930/07591916146, email me or fill in the form and I will do my best to respond to you within 48 hours.


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