Group Therapy Sessions

It takes a lot of courage to open up and trust other people, that’s why in order to make sure that you would be able to join an established group meeting, it would require that each participant has attended prior individual sessions to make sure he/she is compatible and ready to be part of a wider group.

Besides research has shown that group therapy is a highly effective form of psychotherapy, at least equal to individual psychotherapy (Yalom, 1995). One of the greatest advantages of group therapy is that it creates a sense of hope, altruism, imitative behaviour, learning from one another, as well as developing of socialising techniques.

In order to get the best out of this experience, it is also super important to ensure that there is a structure for the group; what that means is that there needs to be consistent attendance from all the participants, otherwise it’s very difficult for trust, respect and communication to be established. There is a 4 month minimum commitment when you join the group, with the expectation that most people will stay for longer.

The topics of the group discussions could vary depending on the presenting difficulties that each participant is going through, however I will make sure that there are lots of similarities between the different group participants; although it’s not necessary that each participant will need to bring something forward during each meeting. Sometimes it’s equally transformational listening to other people’s challenges.

Group sessions will be available Autumn 2018. If you’re interested in joining, please feel in the form and I will get in touch with you!

Reference: The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, Irvin Yalom, 1995.

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