Getting over a break up- how to let go and move on


How many times has you heart been broken? How many times have you found yourself hitting rock bottom, promising to yourself that this is the last time… only to find yourself going through the same immense pain the next time round?

While most of us get that learning to deal with breakups is an essential part of life, that intellectual awareness doesn’t always help us emotionally.

Especially when you’re being dumped…

These words hurt and stay at the back of our minds longer than we’d like to admit.

That’s why I want to share with you Nick’s personal story.


Although it may feel absolutely impossible to deal with in the moment, with a little bit of time, perspective and the points shared, this experience has the potential of turning into gold.

So let’s turn this challenge into inspiration.

In the comments below I would love to hear how you have managed to turn a heartbreak around.

Be as specific and honest you can as you will be able to inspire, encourage, and motivate so many people out there.

Thank you so much for caring and supporting.

With love,


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