Client’s confession…

Wanting to be an inspiration to other people, and especially to other women, this client of mine decided to share her personal story and the honesty that she was able to reach through our sessions together... "I’m jealous… if I want to be honest with myself, I find myself there are moments, incidents and specific periods that I find myself...[ read more ]

How To Stop Beating Yourself Up

When was the last time you heard from your inner critic? You know, that voice in your head that constantly judges you, puts you down and compares you to others. The one that tells you you’re not good enough or smart enough and says things you would never dream of saying to another person. Now you may think this inner critic, while...[ read more ]

4 Reasons We Judge Others and How to Break the Habit

One of the things most of us are taught as children is to never judge others. “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” And yet, despite our best efforts, many of us fall into the trap over and over again, instead of just separating ourselves and set our own boundaries and expectations. Why do we do it? Here are four...[ read more ]

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