Breaking the Ice: Tips on Making Female Friends at Work for Women

Several times I have been fascinated by my clients' belief that it's difficult to make friends abroad, or especially that true friends can only be found when we’re school aged... But as adults, I have witnessed so many times, especially from women feeling on-guard around other women, especially in the workplace, and friendships can be harder to foster. But have...[ read more ]

3 Signs Social Media Is Hindering Your Happiness

You might have realised already that my passion is all about boundaries! And surprise surprise boundaries can apply to your relationship with social media too! If you're like most people, you use social media many times throughout the day... too many! So can you think how long has it been since you checked your Facebook page or Instagram account? But...[ read more ]

Advice on Staying True to New Year’s Resolutions

Be honest, did you make New year’s resolutions this year that you have yet to stick to? If so, you’re not alone. Researchers have found that typically 77% of people are only able to keep their resolutions for 1 week, 64% keep them for one month, 50% for 3 months, and only 19% are able to keep their resolutions for over...[ read more ]

The one thing you wish you had known sooner!

Hitting a plateau makes no exception, whether you are a man or a woman, or whether you are focusing on your relationship, your business or even your diet! My content in today’s episode will enable you to appreciate that getting stuck is part of the process. It is something to be anticipated rather than getting frustrated with it; or even...[ read more ]

Treat Yourself: The Importance of Putting Yourself First & Self Care

Hear me out! For those of you that have followed my work for quite some time, you might have realised that I'm not a big fan of labels... I know that mental health professionals find it useful and short to throw out in the open jargon, terminology, etc, but personally I prefer not to use labels. However, in today's blog...[ read more ]

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