5 Ways Codependence Can Be Overcome

Since we are talking about boundaries, have you ever found yourself accepting responsibility for a loved one’s emotions or actions? Are you constantly trying to please others? Do you neglect your own needs and have difficulty setting realistic personal boundaries? Do you often feel resentful yet have difficulty stepping away from a dysfunctional relationship? For the sake of today's blog...[ read more ]

Worried too much what other people think?

When I first read today’s question, my head started spinning. Knowing that there is such a driven person who was struggling with something nearly all of us face got me super motivated to help. So let me ask… Have you ever worried too much what other people think in relation to your career? Do amazing ideas come to you all...[ read more ]

How can I NOT get sidetracked from other people’s comments?

Always wanting to serve people in the best possible way I thought I would surprise you today with the content as well as the format of my information! Just a small hint: can you think of a time that you felt that you needed to justify your reasons for deciding on acting a certain way? If so, just sit back...[ read more ]

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