Boundaries for stressed out mothers

Do you frequently find yourself putting your partner’s needs first? Do you tend to lose yourself in your family’s needs? Have you ever neglected your career, your friends, or even your health whilst looking after everyone else?

Women and in particular mothers tend to think that their energy, moods, emotions, physical and mental health are as fountains; we take for granted that its water will be running over and over again, leading to happiness, never ending energy and enjoyment to others.

However the more accurate representation resembles that of a bank account! Bank accounts reflect what you put in it, they don’t fill themselves. Bank accounts have money to spend but when the money runs out, they are empty. And when you spend money that isn’t there, bank accounts become overdrawn! This is what most mothers do – we never bother to check about our balances, we stop making deposits into our accounts but keep spending money (meaning ourselves and our energy) like as if we will never get overdrawn…

However when the time comes we are surprised and upset when we crash and burn. We don’t know what our emotional bank balance is… so we get overdrawn! The funds are not there, but we keep acting as if they are…

The only way to prevent yourself from falling constantly on this trap is by knowing and living within your own boundaries and limits. Without being aware and mindful of your limits, it’s like you are spending £100 on a pair of shoes when you only have £10 in your bank account. You are overdrawn and now you’ve got a deficit. In real life that is like you commit to performing an activity or a responsibility that you don’t have the space for; you have no energy to do this well and the consequences for that are bitterness, resentment, fatigue, and exhaustion…

If you are stressed, overwhelmed or drained… you are not alone! Let me help you identify your boundaries and limits…
My aim is to give you personalised attention and a private place to work through all of your emotions, fears, stresses as well as incidents that might be troubling you. Basically from here onwards I want to give you an outlet to express your thoughts or emotions that you are afraid to voice elsewhere. Last but not least, my intention is to enable you to explore handling priorities and ultimately relationships in a different, much more intimate and conscious way.

In particular, during the sessions, I will listen to your story while trying to give to you a different interpretation, a new way of looking at things. In between the sessions you may be asked to think about our discussion, the connections which we made together and possibly complete some relevant tasks, which will enable you to start practicing some points already mentioned during the sessions.

Systemic or otherwise called family therapy is an important part of my approach, and research shows that it’s highly effective with individuals as it helps people to reflect on important relationships and find ways forward. However, I’m always open to other ideas, models, inspiration coming from books, movies; whatever it might be useful for each client.

Remember I want to help you with your personal frustration and hurt about the fact that you might have found yourself feeling over tired, burnt out, and lonely. Call me on  08002 494930/07591916146, email me or fill in the form and I will do my best to respond to you within 48 hours.

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