4 Reasons We Judge Others and How to Break the Habit

One of the things most of us are taught as children is to never judge others. “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” And yet, despite our best efforts, many of us fall into the trap over and over again, instead of just separating ourselves and set our own boundaries and expectations. Why do we do it? Here are four...[ read more ]

Treat Yourself: The Importance of Putting Yourself First & Self Care

Hear me out! For those of you that have followed my work for quite some time, you might have realised that I'm not a big fan of labels... I know that mental health professionals find it useful and short to throw out in the open jargon, terminology, etc, but personally I prefer not to use labels. However, in today's blog...[ read more ]

How to Talk to a Loved One About Their Anger

Anger is a normal emotion; one that everyone experiences from time to time, and one that’s healthy when expressed appropriately. However, for some people, anger is an emotion they express far too frequently, and in harmful and hurtful ways. Their anger gets out of control, and begins to seriously affect their life negatively. If you have a loved one whose...[ read more ]

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