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Contrary to what you would expect to read on this page, this page is created so that you can quickly decide whether I’m the right fit for you.

I’m fully aware that finding the right therapist can be frustrating and confusing… You go to google, search for someone who can help, and then you end up being even more confused, not knowing if any of the ones you have found would be able to help you…

Plus, everyone wants to look professional, confident and cool, so how would you know whom to pick?

Instead of bragging about my education, experience and other relevant information (don’t worry I will get to that in a moment), I would like to explain to you the kind of client that tends to have the most success working with me so that you can quickly identify whether I’m the right therapist for you or not.

The clients who are the most successful in therapy with me are the ones who come ready to listen to another perspective, and that they realise that I won’t just make their problems disappear from one session to the other. They appreciate my straightforward approach whilst being supportive and very engaged during the session. For example, I will never take notes during the session or just let you do all the talking on your own.

My aim is to be the kind of therapist that I would want to see. I keep it real, and I genuinely care about each and every one of my clients.

In the meantime, let me share with you my educational background:

  • Masters of Science in Family Therapy, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s Cοllege London
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Family Therapy,Institute of Psychiatry, King’s Cοllege London
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, American College of Greece, Athens

My graduate studies were extremely demanding, as I received hundreds of hours of live supervision (where a supervisor actually watched my sessions behind a one way mirror. It was terrifying but it made me feel so much more confident as a therapist)!

I’m registered with UKCPUnited Kingdom Cοuncil for Psychotherapy and I attend monthly supervision sessions to make sure that I provide the best possible therapy to my clients.

Although my background is in systemic family therapy, I can be quite eclectic when needed such as applying ideas from CBT- cognitive behavioural therapy, and other models.









65 York Street
London, UK W1H 1 PQ


08002494930 | 07591916146

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